Autel Alpha Drone

Autel Alpha Drone: Frontier Exploration Redefined

Embark on a journey of discovery with the Autel Alpha, an advanced multi-purpose drone that integrates state-of-the-art technology for unmatched autonomous navigation and data precision in the most demanding environments.


Autel DG-L35T Gimbal: Precision Imagery Unleashed

Equipped with the DG-L35T Gimbal, the Autel Alpha becomes an extension of your vision. Featuring a suite of imaging capabilities including multi-focal thermal imaging, a 4K 35x night vision zoom, and comprehensive surveying tools, it's the ultimate ally for critical missions.



Advanced Features for Superior Performance
  • Advanced RF and GNSS anti-interference for clear, uninterrupted flights
  • Visual Positioning System augmenting non-GNSS flights with stellar accuracy
  • Robust A-Mesh networking, ensuring reliable device communication
  • Versatile dual thermal imaging for comprehensive environmental analysis
  • Crystal-clear 4K 35x optical zoom capturing the minutest details
  • Durable design rated at IP55, making it fit for all weathers
  • Hot-swappable battery system for continuous, uninterrupted usage
  • Full 720° obstacle avoidance for worry-free navigation
  • Extended 12.4-mile transmission range for far-reaching survey capabilities


Diverse Applications Across Industries

The Autel Alpha, fortified with the DG-L35T Gimbal, excels across various applications, from public safety operations to search and rescue missions to detailed inspection protocols. It offers uncompromised support for the most demanding tasks.

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